Extended Cab vs Regular Cab vs Crew Cab

extended cab vs double cab vs crew cab

What is an extended cab vs regular cab vs crew cab?
It feels like no matter where you look, pickup trucks are everywhere. The days where pickups were made only for work are in the past. Modern pickups can be optioned to be as opulent as the well-known brands from Germany. So, it doesn’t matter if you want the lap of luxury or need a workhorse, there is a pickup for you. Once you figure out if you need 4WD (or if RWD will do), the next big decision is to decide which cab type is best for you.

What is a Regular Cab?

How to tell if a truck is a Regular Cab

As you might guess, a regular cab pickup has only one row of seats with a small amount of legroom and storage space. A regular cab used to be the one configuration available on pickup trucks. In nearly all regular cabs, the seatbacks nearly touch the back side of the cab. This model is the more utilitarian version of a pickup and usually comes with manual locks and windows. A regular cab is a work truck, not for hauling family and friends.

What makes a pickup truck an Extended Cab?

Is an Extended Cab right for me?

As you could probably guess, an Extended Cab pickup truck (occasionally known as a Double Cab pickup) is just a Regular Cab with extra space behind the front seats. When first introduced, extended cab pickup trucks were available as 2-door models and only had small rear jump seats available. These days they may be called a Double Cab pickup, these trucks now feature second-row doors for easy access to the cargo area. Even though there are 2 rows of seating, an Extended Cab pickup would not be the ideal option for long trips, even if it can carry more people.

Is a Crew Cab pickup right for me?

Is a Crew Cab right for me?

While not as clear as the earlier cab versions, a Crew Cab pickup boasts 4 normal-size doors and room to transport, well, your ‘crew.’ Crew Cab pickups are made to haul more of the driver’s stuff and people. For some people, these styles of trucks have become the family vehicle. A Crew Cab pickup truck’s powerful engine options and bigger size are unmatched in the 4-door sedan market while still being able to provide the luxuries and legroom that families need.

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